Landscaping and rural areas


Landscaping and rural areas senior technician

Durada dels estudis

2.000 hours (two school years)

  • 1.617 hours in the educational centre
  • 383 hours in traineeship
Què estudiaràs?
  • Agronomy botanics
  • Plantation management and organization
  • Phytopathology
  • Field topography
  • Agroforestry machinery and facilities
  • Crop planning
  • Crop management
  • Garden design and landscape restoration
  • Garden and sports turf preservation
  • Training and career counseling
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Training in workplace
De què treballaràs?
  • Gardening technician
  • Designer of garden areas (not liable to a specific project) 
  • Park, garden and recreational area installation assembly manager in urban and suburban zones
  • Park and garden preservation and restoration manager (urban and suburban recreational and rural areas)
  • Freelance worker for gardening and landscape restoration companies
  • Garden building and landscape restoration manager
  • Pruning and tree surgery operations manager
  • Agricultural manager or foreman
  • Conventional and environment-friendly agricultural production manager
  • Agricultural warehouse manager
  • Soil treatment squad foreman
  • Orchard, plantation and garden agricultural manager or foreman
  • General plantation manager (conventional or environment-friendly)
  • Nursery manager in charge of plant reproduction
  • Seed and elevated fruit gathering manager
  • Seed and sod production manager
  • Warehouse manager in charge of dispatching plants, sod and/or seeds
On treballaràs?

In the management division of small, medium and big-scale companies, public or private, either as an employee or self-employed worker: park and garden installation, maintenance and restoration; landscape remodelling; agricultural production (both conventional and environment-friendly); seed and plant production in a nursery.

Training in workplace also acts as a gateway to the job market.