Agricultural Activities Assistant

Durada dels estudis

1000 hours (1 academic year)

  • 820 hours in the educational center

  • 180 hours in companies

Què estudiaràs?

Specific professional training modules (665 h)

  • Auxiliary Land Preparation Operations, Planting and Sowing Crops

  • Auxiliary Operations for Obtaining and Collecting Crops

  • Auxiliary Production Management Operations in Livestock Farms and Facility Maintenance

  • Integrated Project

  • Basic Training in Occupational Risk Prevention

  • Practical Training in Companies (minimum 180 hours)


General training modules (335 h)

  • Strategies and Communication Tools

  • Social and Territorial Environment

  • Strategies and Mathematical Tools

  • Incorporation into the Professional World

  • Tutoring, follow-up and personalized guidance (40 hours)

They include:
Full professional qualification: AGA163_1: Auxiliary activities in agriculture

De què treballaràs?
  • Agricultural laborer

  • Agricultural laborer

  • Laborer in horticulture

  • Laborer in fruit growing

  • Laborer in herbaceous crops

  • Laborer in cut flower crops

  • Laborer in livestock farms

  • Milking assistant

  • Shepherd or shepherdess

  • Applicator of biocides in livestock farms and vehicles

  • Food industry worker

On treballaràs?

In conventional or organic farms, in horticultural nurseries and in food industries.